Visualize Art in Your Space

Want to see how art looks on your wall?

  • 1 hour
  • €50 for 2 artworks
  • Online

Service Description

Let's visualize new art in your space and even see it framed. 1. Take a photo of the wall you would like to add art to. Stand back to include a bit of the floor/ceiling and some of the surroundings. 2. Get the approximate dimensions of the space you would like to add art to. Or make a guess – this will help me to scale the pieces correctly. 3. Pay for the service on Visualize Art page of the website. Book the service here (optional) if you would like to discuss any details before getting art recommendation. 4. Send me your photos and all the information via email 5. I will suggest 2 artworks of different styles for you to choose from and help you imagine how they fit your space. You will get all the details and sources of the recommended art. If you found your new art already and just want to see how it fits your space, follow the same steps. Also, send me the artwork's photo, size, what it's made on, and I will help you to visualize it on your wall. The service will be provided online. This offer is not part of the 1-2-3-step approach and can be booked separately. Featured artist: Petr Bronfin, oil on canvas.

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