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 Discover art that reflects your unique world
and supports well-being 

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My philosophy


To find art that resonates with you,

adds positive energy and enhances your well-being.

Saa1 Bedroom-Pink Lacey Kim 24x18 paper

It is about passion 

It is the emotional connection that makes the artwork stand out for you. When that happens, art becomes meaningful, impactful, and easily

integrates into personal space.

It is about well-being

Affective science research proves that joy, interest, and contentment

have well-being and health benefits. The emotions you experience when

engaging with art create positive states, boost your immune system,

and build mental reserves.

Saa3 Dining-Room-with-Arch-w-Marianne-He

It is about you

You don’t need to be an art history major to find and enjoy art. You need to trust your intuition, your feelings, and the "seeker" within you. I'll be on your team to start your journey, but you will be ready to move on your own very quickly.

Artists Featured: Alexander Dedushev, Lacey Kim, Marianne Hendriks.
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