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Where to find authentic art?


Galleries are an excellent source for art selection. Those with strong online platforms allow the selection of art based on multiple parameters from a very large number of artworks. Galleries usually specialize in certain kinds of art or represent selected artists. While they are more difficult to navigate, they can be a source of fabulous contemporary works of very high quality and reasonable prices.   


If someone looking for a true art experience, getting artwork from an artist can be the right choice. First of all, the selection of artworks is wider than through a gallery. Secondly, meeting talented and interesting authors and getting an understanding of how and why they create their pieces can be truly enlightening.  


Auctions will give you tremendous opportunities to explore museum-quality art. It's an unforgettable experience that rewards persistence and patience. As the name auction entails, the artworks are "won" in competition with others. Museum-quality art does not necessarily mean unreasonable prices.  The average price for artworks sourced from the auctions starts at $3000 per artwork.

Artists Featured: Alexander Dedushev, Petr Bronfin.
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