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Why art and well-being?


Well-being became my purpose and inspiration in engaging people with art. Art will not only make your space unique and beautiful, but it also has a proven potential to benefit your health and well-being. With our lives centered around our homes, the way we build our space is more important than ever.


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I grew up in Armenia, a tiny ancient country in south-eastern Europe, full of warmth and color, expression and animated conversations, unrestricted energy, and passion.  

My first encounter with art was through a book about Raphael. It belonged to my great-grandfather and had a special and magnificent old-book smell. The book was full of fantastic illustrations of artists’ work glued to each page. The figure of the artist mystified me, and since then, I have been in love with art.

I have been fortunate to get an interdisciplinary background in engineering, business, and art. Eleven years ago I decided to start up a company that would provide art consulting to businesses in Eastern Europe. With a team of exceptionally talented artists, we worked on more than 40 art projects with companies including PwC, McKinsey, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, and Dentsu Aegis.

After moving to the US, Seattle, I got interested in the museum profession.

I have received a Master of Arts degree from the Museology Graduate Program at the University of Washington. Here I engaged in a fascinating area of research – the impact art has on people’s health and well-being. I decided to incorporate this concept into all aspects of my work.

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